It is time to clear outstanding warrants in the city of Amarillo

Amarillo, TX- There are nearly forty-thousand outstanding warrants in the City of Amarillo waiting to be cleared.

Luckily, this year the city has a new software to help speed up the process.

Starting Monday, those with outstanding municipal warrants will be receiving a postcard in the mail telling them.

They have until February 27th to get it cleared before a uniformed officer with track them down.

The Amarillo Municipal Court says their new software system has made issuing warrants more effective and will help clear them and get the offender off the street even faster.

"We've gotten new software that is actually really helped us with the accountability piece where we are able to handle cases and do the case flow management in a more timely manner," added Victoria Medley, the court administrator for the city.

Warrants can be taken care of in the Amarillo Municipal Court building in downtown Amarillo.

To see a complete list of current warrants for the city click here.

Traffic warrants can be paid online.