Allergy season arrives early and is unusually severe

Amarillo, TX - The above average temperatures this winter are bringing more severe allergies for many across the area.

Runny noses, itchy eyes and sneezing are already affecting allergy sufferers and Spring is still weeks away.

In just the last couple of weeks the Allergy ARTS center of Amarillo says they have had an increase in patients suffering from severe allergies and they believe it is because of the weather.

"We've seen more people suffering from allergies than usual. Probably because you've seen the news reports on the mild winter that we had. We had days that it was cold but the pollen tend to grow more in the warmer climate," said Dr. Constantine Saadeh.

The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology says there has been an increase in the time some pollens are in the air because of an increase in temperatures; because of that, the allergy season could last until the beginning of next winter.

The longer exposure time for the pollens, might mean those who usually don't have allergies are more likely to develop them.