Snow storms turn roads into a mess

Amarillo, TX - The roads are slick and nasty outside. Officials have been inundated in calls over roadway accidents that continue to pour in.

One major accident happened near I-40E near Avondale and resulted in a four-car pile up. Shortly after, there was a major mess on I-40E between Coulter and Bell.

Officials say the biggest key to preventing these accidents is slowing down on the roads.

"Drive for the conditions and make sure when they do hit those slick spots, they stay in control. Now, the major areas that are going to be iciest are bridges,overpasses and intersections." Paul Baul with the Texas Department of Transportation said. "... because of the blow back you're also going to see some slick spots out of the stray always in the rural areas."

Braun says there are also problems with less visibility in rural areas. So far, DPS has reported no fatalities.