Several counties in risk of losing law enforcement grants

Amarillo, TX - Time is ticking for several counties in the Texas panhandle who are in danger of losing state law enforcement funding.

Almost every county in the Texas panhandle is struggling with providing case outcome reports. Every county, except Potter and Randall, currently sits below the 90-percent completion rate. If they cannot get their numbers up, they could lose state law enforcement funding.

Many small towns need all the funding they can get. Several counties are chomping at the bit to get the job done.

"In March, we'll be having a regional meeting that I plan to attend for us to address these issues... because it's a major problem," Swisher County clerk Brenda Hudson said. "As an official in the county I plan to attend for us to address these issues because it's obviously a major problem. As an official in the county I take it very, very seriously in what we can do in getting our numbers up."

Other problems some counties are facing are having outdated equipment and fugitives not showing up for court.

If the counties do lose funding, it could mean money lost towards new equipment, like computers and tasers.