Hereford ISD speaking out against STAAR Test

Amarillo, TX - An area school district is speaking out for its students by voicing concerns over the STAAR test.

The new standardized test counts for 15-percent of a student's grade.

One big concern for Hereford ISD is that the test is linked to graduation requirements and final grades

A failing score could put students at risk of failing a grade or retaking a class.

School districts are required by law to remediate students who don't do well on the test, but with no additional funds or guidance, they don't know how that can be accomplished.

"There's a lot of unknowns regarding STAAR. You know, we really don't know what we're looking at. Resources are limited because we were given a sampling of questions, very few. So we really don't know what we're looking at. To find resources to support that has been difficult for us," says Ruth Ann Vessels, Assistant Principal, Hereford ISD.

High school students recently took a benchmark test and administrators say the results are scary but they're doing what they can to bridge the gaps before the test.

Hereford superintendent Kelli Moulton says the district is considering the repercussions of withholding test scores.

Although they will not go against the law, she hopes that statement will encourage schools districts in Texas to speak out.