The President's job plan for vets

Amarillo, TX -  They put their lives on the line for our country but, sadly, millions of our veterans return and have trouble finding jobs.

Now, the president has good news for unemployed veterans. He is unveiling his plan to get them back to work.

With their experience in war, he is focusing on emergency responder jobs and hoping to pave a path for police, firefighter and health care jobs.

The Texas Workforce Commission says it is a great move for vets and local fire departments say veterans can be the perfect candidates for the job.

"They're generally our more mature candidates," Amarillo Deputy Fire Chief Marc Lusk said, "They understand the dangers of the environment so they end up being pretty successful firefighters when they get hired."

The government has also approved multi-million dollar grants to hire more police officers and firefighters. Post 9/11 veterans will also be able to download the Veteran Gold Card, which gives them access to enhanced reemployment services and they will also be able to access an online Veteran's Jobs Bank.