Recall Roundup: This week's recalls

This week's recalls include items you may have in your home that pose a danger to you and family. NewsChannel 10's Michelle Langowski has more in our "Recall Roundup."

We start with a large recall of lunch boxes. Kids, adults and even pets face a poisoning risk from toxic freezer gel packs. California Innovations is recalling more than 240,000 Expandable Insulated Lunch Boxes with Freezer Gel Packs and Travelin' Chef Expandable Thermal Food Carrier products. The concern, their freezer gel packs contain a toxic material which can leak out if the plastic pouch becomes worn or damaged.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission says the freezer gel packs contain a poisonous substance that can cause severe illness or death if ingested. One dog has become sick and another died after chewing on the gel packs. The Chef Expandable Thermal Food Carriers were sold at various retailers, including Walmart stores from August 2008 to December of last year.
 Stop using the gel packs immediately and contact California Innovations at (800) 722-2545 or for more information. 
If you have power strips in your home, you may want to make sure they aren't part of a recall just issued. More than 7,000 "Lush Life" power strips sold in container store's nationwide and online are being voluntarily recalled because they pose a fire danger. The power strips have incorrect wiring and the wiring and plastic strip fail to meet fire resistance requirements.
The recall involves three designs - all of which should be removed from the home and returned to the retailer.

Nearly 20,000 portable space heaters are being recalled due to burn hazard. Specifically the Honeywell Surround Select Portable Electric Heaters sold at Best Buy and Walmart stores from July 2011 through December. The units have model numbers HZ-420, HZ-430 and HZ-440 and five digits codes that have 11 as the last two digits. The heaters are black or white cylinders with a handle on top. The internal housing in the heater, including the fan, and heating element can detach and burn users. If you have one of the heaters, you should unplug it and contact the manufacturer, KAZ for a full refund at (800) 370-8137 or visit their website at

And finally, another massive snowmobile safety recall is issued. Last month, over 7,000 2012 F, XF and M model Arctic Cat snowmobiles were recalled due to a headlamp failure, now, 19,000 of the same models are being recalled because a steering rod can loosen, possibly causing a loss of steering. Four reports of incidents have been reported, including one complete loss of steering control. Contact your Arctic Cat dealer or the manufacturer at (800) 279-6851 or for more information.