New security measures at Amarillo airport

Amarillo, TX - The next time you travel, you will notice that airport security just got an upgrade.

Since 9-11, the Transportation Security Administration continues to enhance security to stay ahead of evolving threats.

Rick Husband International Airport just received new advanced imaging machine body scanners for their security check-point.

Thursday they are being put to use.

When a passenger walks through the machine, they will be scanned instantaneously.

A picture will then be available for TSA and the passenger to see on a monitor.

In order to protect your privacy, a generic avatar image will be shown instead of an outline of your body.

"The person walks through and if they and if they have nothing on their person that's potentially harmful the machine will just flash ok. if on the other hand, they pass through and there's an object on the person, say on the their waist, the machine will target that area," says Luis Casanova, Public Affairs Officer, Transportation Security Agency.

This machine can detect metallic and non-metallic items that a passenger may be carrying.

You can refuse to go through the new body scanner and instead use the conventional metal detector.

Full-body scanners were first put into airports across the country in 2007, they were then upgraded in June to better protect one's privacy.