The UIL's alignment impact on school districts

Amarillo, TX - After the UIL's alignment released Thursday, Hereford will be making trips down to the Lubbock area and Tascosa will be heading to Midland-Odessa, adding more travel for the two school districts.

David Foote, superintendent with Dalhart and a member of the UIL says they consider the expenses and make the changes as fair as possible for everyone.

"They look at the numbers and then they look at travel because they know everybody is having to worry about expenses so they don't want to travel anymore than they have to but they really work hard to make the competition as fair as possible and keep everybody as close together as they can," said Foote.

Amarillo ISD was expecting to have to hit the road more often but Athletic Director Brad Theissen says they weren't expecting to have to go as far as Abilene.

"We were anticipating a certain amount of increase of travel anyway, of course, adding Abilene to the mix adds to that, and so we will have to look at exactly what we are talking about. But we had anticipated any where from 75 to 100 thousand dollars extra of travel from Tascosa's side of it," added Theissen.

Luckily, with Amarillo High's 4A move, the increase in travel for the rebels should not impact the school district too much.

"There is going to be some savings on the fact that Amarillo high dropped from 5A to 4A and their district is really close here, so their largest trip would be a 45 minute trip to Dumas. So there is going to be some savings that will offset that and we will just have to take a little bit closer look at that and see what those are," said Theissen.

We also spoke with Hereford's superintendent, who says they will do all they can to ensure their students are able to make their games, even if they are farther away.