Remembering Rick Husband

Courtesy of KACV
Courtesy of KACV

Amarillo, TX - It is hard for some to believe that has almost been ten years since the tragic end to Space Shuttle Columbia.

When Columbia went down it devastated our nation, especially in Amarillo, where the flight shuttle's commander Rick Husband is from.

Nine years ago, the shuttle broke up just minutes before its scheduled landing. Loved ones are still torn apart over the shuttle's fate but will never forget the man Rick Husband was.

"He said, you know, I have my priorities straight," Family friend Ellen Green remembers him saying. "I love my work but my top priorities are my faith and family... I know I'm a good husband and a good father and that I know if I'm a faithful man everything else will fall in line and nothing else really matters."

Texans continue to be reminded of the tragedy. Last summer, chunks of the space shuttle turned up in Lake Nacogdoches.