Considerations after birth control recall

Ron Barwick, Haven Health Clinic
Ron Barwick, Haven Health Clinic

Amarillo, TX - Women's health officials are concerned birth control may be used less often after a recent recall.

Doctors believe a recall of one million packets of birth control and new government recommendations regarding birth control labels may have women rethinking the use of oral contraceptives.

Pfizer announced they've recalled three different types of birth control after realizing it would not stop pregnancy.

Recent reports also say a newer generation of birth control could cause blood clots.

Some say, those two concerns could easily make women reconsider the use of the pill.

But, Ron Barwick with the Haven Health Clinic says there are many benefits.

"For anybody not wanting to start a family, it's very important for them to use some kind of birth control because an unplanned pregnancy is not good for anybody. It poses health risks, it poses social risks, all of that. Plus, reducing the unplanned pregnancy rate also makes sure that the abortion rate is reduced," added Barwick.

Recall Information: Lot numbers of the affected pills