Texas education cuts mean 32,000 job losses so far

Associated Press

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - A school advocacy group says an estimated 32,000 school employees across Texas - including 12,000 teachers - have lost their jobs due to $5.4 billion in education cuts.

And more are likely on the way, it says.

The Texas State Teachers Association wants Gov. Rick Perry to call a special legislative session to tap the state's $7.3 billion rainy day fund.

It said Wednesday that lawmakers could draw $2.5 billion from the fund just for education next year.

Perry ran unsuccessfully for president and has kept a low profile since returning to Texas. The Legislature isn't scheduled to reconvene until 2013.

The association gave job-loss estimates that came from Austin-based school finance consulting firm Moak, Casey & Associates.

Official state figures won't be ready until March.