Student reaction to crime alert at WTAMU

Canyon, TX- Students at WTAMU are concerned after a female is reportedly grabbed and restrained early Sunday morning.

A female student was reportedly grabbed and restrained around one in the morning Sunday, and police say they have not located the suspect.

Some of the student we spoke with say they will most likely stay in their dorms or try to leave the campus before dark now, to ensure they are safe.

Other students say although it is concerning to know this incident did happen, and the suspect has not been located, having the campus police around makes them feel safe.

"I think with having so many people around, that kind of helps. I don't know what all the situation, details yesterday. But hopefully, it's one of those things that it is the exception and not the rule," said student Krystal Smith.

Students are encouraged to "text a tip" if they see anything suspicious on campus, you can do that by texting WTAMU to 79516.

Campus police are also suggesting students be aware of their surroundings, walk in groups and to park in well lit areas.