Polk Street dash cam video released

Amarillo, Texas - It's been one year since the deadly officer involved shooting on Polk Street. And now, dash cam video from that night is being released.

Back on January 30, 2011, Amarillo Police officers shot at 24-year-old Claudio's Trujillo's SUV dozens of times, killing him.

The video is from our media partners at The Amarillo Globe News and while it's a little grainy, you can see Trujillo's SUV driving straight towards the officers.

They say Trujillo did not listen to their shouts to stop so they were forced to shoot at him.

Both the city and the Amarillo Police Department is being named in the lawsuit filed by Trujillo's family for wrongful death.

We spoke with the city attorney, though, who says he's not concerned at all about the allegations. He's confident the officers acted appropriately, and says this video just reaffirms that.

To look at the raw dash cam video, click the link below.