Safety measures for grain elevator workers

Amarillo, TX - Work related injuries are on the rise among grain elevator employees but there are safety measures being taken to change that.

Many injuries occur when a worker is going into a grain bin without proper training.

The most recent report shows that nationwide in 2010, there was an accident every week and a fatality every other week.

It's not only those working at commercial facilities that get hurt but farmers that own grain bins as well.

Employees tend to go into a grain bin to clean out mold or break up grain clumps.

When inside, grain either falls on top of them or they step through a cavern and become engulfed.

Safety measures are now being encouraged.

"We try to instruct them on ways to keep the grain in good condition so that they don't have to enter the bin in the first place. We also encourage good technical response when they do have to go into the bin. We also want the facilities to be prepared with equipment," says Carol Jones, Associate Professor at Oklahoma State University.

If an accident does occur, you're urged to call the local fire department immediately.

More emergency response units in Texas and Oklahoma are beginning to train on grain entrapment situations.