Texas revs up to 75 mph on 1,500 miles of highways

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - Transportation officials have signed off on a faster speed limit of 75 mph for 1,500 miles of Texas highways.

The Texas Transportation Commission approved the change Thursday for segments of 9 interstates where the current limit is 70 mph. Drivers must wait until the new limit is posted.

The longest stretch is 310 miles of Interstate 20 from near Fort Worth to a remote area of West Texas, where 80 mph zones have existed for several years.

Other long stretches include 139 miles of I-30 in East Texas; 145 miles of I-10 between San Antonio and Houston; and 143 miles of I-45 between Dallas and Houston.

Last year, the Legislature approved the faster speed on all rural roads deemed safe. Previously it was only allowed in sparsely populated counties.

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List of areas with new 75 mph speed limit: http://www.txdot.gov/safety/speed_limit/75mph.htm