Estelline City Hall catches fire: Police now investigating

Estelline, TX - A fire erupts at City Hall in Estelline leaving many residents curious about what happened.

Flames broke out Tuesday morning around 4 a.m.

Residents living in that town are left wondering if the fire was an accident, or if foul play was involved.

The town has less than 200 people with a pair of police officers.

But this little town has a big name around the state.

"As far as Estelline being a speed trap, I would have to refute that," DPS Trooper Daniel Hawthorne said. "The signs here in Estelline are clearly posted."

And so is a new sign as people enter the town, saying "Warning! Estelline is a Speed Trap."

For nearly a decade, the city had the second highest traffic ticket revenue in the state of Texas.

Off camera, residents tell us they believe someone given a ticket by Estelline PD may have set fire to the building to retaliate.

State Troopers still won't say whether arson was the cause.

"There may be some tale tell signs that it could be arson," Hawthorne said. "That's why the Texas Rangers were called in along with the state fire marshal to look and see if that is the cause"

We're told the inside suffered far more damage than the exterior.

Luckily, nobody was inside at the time of the fire.

The Mayor of Estelline refused to speak with us at all about the incident.

Anyone with information that can help police and fire investigate this case is asked to call Texas DPS Troopers at 940.937.2548