Lower level of lead considered harmful

Amarillo, TX - Your home may soon be considered a health hazard for your children.

That's because lead poisoning is being redefined across the country.

The lead amount considered harmful is 10 micrograms per deciliter but the Centers for Disease Control is being urged to reduce that by half.

That comes after a federal panel found that lower levels of lead in older homes pose a risk to children.

Many older homes and apartments built before 1978 carry lead-based paint on their walls.

It's recommended you remove any peeling paint located five feet above the ground.

If not, your child could accidentally put pieces in their mouth or inhale it.

"Well it can hurt their organs, their brain, their liver and their stomach. The thing we really worry about is actually their IQ, they can essentially lose IQ points. They won't be quite as smart as they would have been otherwise," Dr. Mariada George, Panhandle Pediatrics.

Last year the Texas Panhandle Poison Center received one-hundred thirty calls regarding exposure to lead.

Home Depot currently sells a lead test.

If you think your house may pose a risk you can swab the walls and results will be ready in about a week.