Mural art helping local businesses

AMARILLO, Texas - Some local artists say graffiti can have a positive impact in our area, too. This comes after last week's arrest for two men illegally tagging an apartment building.

The local group of graffiti artists says it gets the okay from local business owners, then makes murals that draw in customers on their business walls.

American Vengeance Tattoo shop owner, Chad Smith, says he is seeing a tremendous boost in business from it.

"Just for being open in such a short time, you know, I think it's brought a lot of people in. A lot of people driving by what would normally just be a building with signage on the front..." Smith said. "Driving by on and seeing the graffiti on the back of the building has brought a lot of people in here."

The local group has the initials "A.I.D.," which stands for "Art Isn't Dead." The group strives to showcase street art in a legal way that positively affects the community.