Wind damage across our area

Amarillo, TX - Today's full force winds caused some big damage across our area.

Sunday afternoon the wind was blowing roughly 50 miles per hour, with gusts over 60.

Phones were ringing off the hook in our newsroom with residents reporting all types of wind damage.

Take a look at some of the photos we received on Facebook and through email.

This first one is from Pampa and shows a roof ripped off a garage building.

Here a trampoline was lifted up and now lodged in between two homes.

This next picture is from Bangkok Tokyo Thai Cuisine on Amarillo Blvd, as you can see the sign was blown down landing onto a car in the parking lot.

A sign from Academy on Soncy also fell down, luckily this one doesn't seem to have caused any car damages.

Several trees were uprooted onto homes causing damages to the roof.

Take a look at this tree the wind tossed over landing across two homes off Western Street.

The owners were trying to use a chainsaw in order to remove it so they could get into their driveway.