Canyon crime rate shrinks

Canyon, Texas - Higher levels of police training are translating to lower levels of crime in Canyon.

Canyon's new crime report was just released, and part one index crimes are down four percent from 2010 to 2011.

Those are things like rape, robbery, murder, theft and arson. Police Chief Dale Davis is attributing it to several things.

The first being that his supervising officers are better trained than ever. They're going to the law enforcement management institute in Huntsville for a 12 week program.

Davis says, "They're bringing in those instructors who have the credentials that are nationally recognized and it's kinda hard to bring that caliber of instructor into the area."

That kind of training means they can now be more successful at stopping crimes before they happen or dealing with them before the escalate to something worse.

Another reason Chief Davis says the crime rate has gone down is that people are being more cautious.

They're doing things like staying away from dark alleys at night, locking their doors and not leaving things in plain sight in their car.