Impact of drug busts in Carson County

Panhandle, TX- More than 45-million dollars worth of drugs were seized across the Panhandle in 2011 and officials say the majority of them happened in Carson County.

Nearly half of Carson County inmates are usually in jail after an Interstate 40 drug bust, according to the Carson County Sheriff's Office.

Although troopers are the ones making the busts, there is still added work for sheriff's deputies after the arrests are made.

"These guys from New York and California and Arizona, if they don't come up for court, it's us who go and track them down, in fact we are picking one up in Oklahoma today, we picked one up in Indiana last week, so that stretches us, but we sometimes we use a transport service to do that," said Sheriff Terry.

Terry adds the majority of those arrested for drugs are usually able to bail themselves out quickly so they aren't in the jail for that long, unless they are illegal immigrants and ICE places a hold on them.