SOPA, PIPA online censorship debate

AMARILLO, Texas - Imagine not being able to "Google" something or look up something on Wikipedia. Some are saying two anti-piracy bills congress is considering could make that a reality and people, nationwide, are speaking out.

Wikipedia is taking part in an Internet blackout, it temporarily shut down its services to drive home the point of what it is like to no longer have access to free information.

West Texas A&M associate professor, Leigh Browning, explains what could happen.

"Information that we have been used to getting at our fingertips. They are debating right now, whether or not that information should be restricted," Browning explained.

Browning says it is a battle between content creators and providers.

"One, is a large group of content creators. That's all the people that make the stuff we consume," Browning explained. "The other side of the coin is all the people that take that content and organize it and sell it, provide it on their web site, and monetize or make money from that content."

Content creators say they are losing money, but popular web sites say passing the bills would cost them money, too.

Browning says another concern is the economic impact it could have.

"To take it away would just be a paradigm shift," Browning said. "The world economy depends on Google. Our economy depends on the world economy."