Man in Amarillo arrested for California cold case

Amarillo, TX - A man who claims to have grown up in Amarillo is arrested for a murder in California.

Steve Sylvester, an Amarillo homeless man was arrested last week for a 1992 murder out of Victorville, California.

The San Bernardino Sheriff's Office has been looking for Sylvester for the last twenty years for the murder of Robert Dennis.

Officials finally got a break with a call saying Sylvester was at the Guyon Saunders Resource Center in downtown Amarillo, and had given them a mailing address.

Detective Greg Myler with the San Bernardino Sheriff's Office says the arrest was possible after all these years because of a computer system in place at local shelters.

"When Steve checked in, and his name went back into the database that's what immediately notified them to give me a call back. It was amazing to get that call. It probably wouldn't happen in California mainly because our homeless shelters and resource centers don't track things like that," said Myler.

Sylvester has been extradited to California, and is now formally charged with the murder of Dennis.