Ticks increasing as the drought continues

Amarillo, TX- With the worst drought in Texas history comes an increase in ticks.

Pet owners in Texas have noticed an increase in ticks over the summer, and without a sustained hard freeze this winter, they are continuing to breed.

Officials believe wildlife coming into more populated areas to find food or water, may be bringing in the ticks.

They are not only a problem for animals, but can also affect humans because of diseases they may carry.

Debra Hall from the Amarillo Humane Society says there are ways you can help prevent your pet from getting the bugs.

"Immediately if you can, spray your dogs, spray your yards, if they are inside spray the inside, you know wherever they lay. Take them to the vet and get that frontline that you can put on their necks to kill of the ticks and the fleas and immediately start taking care of those," said Hall.

Because of the cooler weather this time of year ticks are not seen as often, but it is a good time to prepare, by using a flea and tick repellant in your yard.