Social media helps woman with kidney transplant

AMARILLO, Texas----People often end up waiting an average of 4-6 years to raise enough money to get on an organ transplant list.

However, one Childress women in need of a kidney isn't letting her financial situation bring her down.

A few years ago, you'd never guess that people would be searching on Facebook for donor matches and monetary contributions.

Today, the practice seems to be growing and it just may be working.

Sarah Motsenbocker lives in the quiet town of Childress so when news spread that she needed a kidney, the entire community came together.

"I can't believe how generous people are and can't possibly thank them enough," Motsenbocker said.

In 2009, she found out one of her kidneys had failed and in order to be put on a donor list, she needed to have $10,000 to cover up front costs.

This was money she says she didn't have.

So she took her fight to the web with the help of long-time high school friend Mark Egerton.

"She's always been a person that's been a go-getter and nothing ever slows her down," he said.

A Facebook page called "Renal Rescue" has been set up for Sarah.

Already, the donations have been pouring in.

"It's been kind of crazy because I've received donations from people who I don't know," she said.

Motsenbocker goes to dialysis three days a week.

She's hoping that will soon change and is eagerly awaiting the day she can finally say she's a proud recipient.

"I need about $1,000 to get put on the list and after that, they can book the surgery within a few weeks," she said.

For more information about Sarah, visit or log onto and search for "Renal Rescue."