New Girl Scout app raising concerns

Amarillo, TX - Girl Scout troops are becoming more tech savvy this year as they celebrate their 100th birthday.

Now your phone can navigate you to your favorite cookies.

Within a week, an app called the Girl Scout Cookie Locator will be available for iPhone and Android users.

Many people are excited about the change but it's also raising some concerns.

"The thin mints, the peanut butter patties and caramel delights are the three biggest sellers," says Mika Leinen, Girl Scout, Girl Scouts of Texas Oklahoma Plains.

For the past five years, Mika Leinen and her mom Stacey have been involved with the Girl Scouts.

Cookie season is their favorite time of the year.

"The most I've ever sold has been 1,400 boxes," says Mika Leinen, Girl Scout, Girl Scouts of Texas Oklahoma Plains.

Now with a push of a button, their cookie sales could go up.

The Girl Scout Cookie Locator is a free app that you can download on your smartphone.

Once downloaded, you can search your city and state or zip code to find the nearest cookie booth location.

The GPS locator on your phone will bring up a map and help navigate you to where you need to go.

"It helps people that live in locations that the girls don't go to door to door. So they can find cookies at the different businesses, which helps them. It also helps the girls to have better clientele," says Marsha Goebel, product sales/retail coordinator, Girl Scouts of Texas Oklahoma Plains.

"The pro's are that you don't have to call the office, you don't have to drive around, you don't have to wait for someone to come to you," says Stacey Leinen, Troop Leader, Girl Scouts of Texas Oklahoma Plains.

Some people are concerned that the app could fall into the wrong hands.

"A lot of people might think its dangerous because it deals with children but it doesn't tell you exactly where a little girl lives or where she's selling at. Where there's a booth, there's always two to three adults there," says Stacey Leinen, Troop Leader, Girl Scouts of Texas Oklahoma Plains.

Girl Scout troops ensure us the app is secure.

"We're very careful on giving out anything that would hurt the girls. We want to make sure they're safe," says Marsha Goebel, Girl Scouts of Texas Oklahoma Plains.

Girl Scout cookie booths will open next Friday, January 20th and wrap up in March.