Ralliers want street signs changed for MLK

Amarillo, Texas - There's a new local push in Amarillo to honor Martin Luther King, Junior by putting up street signs with his name on them.

Sunday night, on the eve of the national holiday to honor the civil rights leader, Occupy Amarillo members rallied together, in hopes of sending the city a message.

Christina Luna says, "NE 24th is actually Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard, however, the street signs themselves do no reflect that, so the majority of Amarilloans don't know that NE 24th is actually Martin Luther King, Jr Boulevard, because the city hasn't put up street signs to reflect that."

The only sign, they say, is an honorary one. To get them put all the way down NE 24th the city says they'd have to raise the money themselves, so they're starting a campaign to do just that, hoping the NAACP will jump on board and help out.

For more information about their street sign mission, check out the Occupy Amarillo Facebook page.