QR codes and smart phone viruses

AMARILLO, Texas - QR codes are a great way for smart phone users to get more coupons, save money and learn about different products, but there is a risk involved with using them.

While most smart phone users love QR codes, there are codes out there that are not secure. Scanning the code is not actually the problem. It is the non-secure links that are sometimes attached. Clicking them and then downloading apps are what can pose a problem with smart phones. Another problem is using those non-secure links to enter our personal information.

Catmandu technician, Andrew Brandt, says Android phones are most at risk with QR codes while iPhones are the least at risk.

"It's actually with Android phones only. That's because an iPhone has to use an app store to get its apps and you cannot download an app to an iPhone without going through that app store first," Brandt said, "...unlike an Android phone, where you can download third party apps outside their app store."

With so much information at our fingertips, experts say smart phone users just need to be careful of what information they are accessing.