Peak flu season fast approaching

Amarillo, Texas - Peak flu season is fast approaching. Flu cases typically spike in the Amarillo area between late January and early February.

Right now, the health department is seeing just a handful of cases reported every week, but wait another ten days or so, and they expect that to jump to hundreds every week. All the more reason, health officials say, to get the flu shot right away.

Matt Richardson, with the Amarillo Dept. of Health, says, "It's important right now to get that flu shot right now if you haven't already because it takes a week to ten days for that flu shot to take effect in your body. So to be protected, it's best to get your flu shot now so you'll be ready for the traditional onset of the flu."

This year's flu shot protects you against Influenza A or Influenza B. It also protects you from the latest mutation of the H1N1 virus.

As far as who should get the flu shot, it's recommended for everyone over six months, especially little kids, pregnant woman and senior citizens.

If you are allergic to eggs or feathers or are undergoing chemo, you should not get the flu shot.