Canyon ISD finds new way to save thousands of dollars

Canyon and Randall High Schools have found a new way to save the district thousands of dollars.

The district will soon begin using their own water to irrigate school grounds.

Right now Randall and Canyon High use more than 75-percent of city water for irrigation.

Now, both high schools have decided to start using well water.

The construction of putting in the wells has already started and they are expected to be put to use within a month.

The switch could end up saving the district over $100,000 dollars a year.

Canyon ISD says this will help offset the decreased budget they and many other districts are facing this year.

The money saved will go toward the students.

Although the city will be losing out on some business, they say this will benefit Amarillo.

"It reduces the workload on our water system in the summer time. Any amount of decrease that we can achieve, whether it be by conservation or whether it be that people find other sources of water, is great," says Emmett Autrey, Director of Utilities, City of Amarillo.

City water will continue being used inside the buildings, on the outside well water will be used.

For now, Randall and Canyon High will be the only schools in the district to make the water switch.