Livestock antibiotic restrictions

NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - A commonly used antibiotic for treating both humans and animals is now being restricted by federal drug regulators.
Many worry off-label uses of Cephalosporins in cattle and other animals may be contributing to the growing problem of drug-resistant bacteria.

Meaning they are becoming less effective in treating serious illnesses like Staph infections in humans.

While doctors can turn to other antibiotics, they are often less effective and more expensive.

Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Scott Milton explains, "The hope is I think, by limiting the use of Cephalosporins in agriculture, that maybe we can slow the progression of these resistant bacteria. In human health we can continue to use some of these antibiotics that still work and it will give us time to develop new antibiotics."

The drugs may still be used on livestock, but in a very specific way.

Prohibited uses include unapproved doses, unapproved species, and disease prevention.

The restrictions are set to go into place April 5th.