City of Canyon growing with the flow

NewsChannel 10

Canyon, Texas - The City of Canyon is looking to the future by looking underground.

They are completing the final part of a major sewage project that has spanned the past few years, designed to update and improve sewage lines to accommodate Canyon's growing population.

Every time you turn on the sink or flush the toilet, that water must go somewhere.

In Canyon, it all flows down pipelines underneath 28th Street to the sewage plant.

But the more water you have to deal with, the larger your system's capacity has to be. If it can't handle the flow, you can end up with some very serious problems.

Canyon City Manager Randy Criswell explains, "As we grow, we have to watch for those things and we have to know this line under 28th Street is not going to be big enough to handle 200 new homes out at Canyon East, or not going to be big enough to handle 300 new beds on the WTAMU campus."

Which is why a new pipeline is being installed down 28th Street from 9th Avenue, north to Harrell and crossing over 4th Avenue.

Public Works Director Dan Reece says, "This is probably one of the toughest, most expensive gravity sewer projects around, due to the fact the majority of this line will be around 18 feet deep."

Officials say the price tag of $1.2 million is money well spent. The improvements should serve the city for the next two or three decades.

Criswell explains, "It's always more economical to plan for things, to budget for them, and to address them, before they become urgent needs."

The construction will cause some inconveniences for many living in the area.

Reece explains, "We'll be closing the entire block and we'll be installing blocks of it at a time. We'll create detours around the block that is closed, so that folks can still have access to their houses."

The city says they will have a better idea of just how long each block will be closed once the work is underway.

The project is expected to start in mid-February and be finished sometime this fall.