Emergency assistance for farmers and ranchers

Amarillo, TX - Area farmers and ranchers who were devastated by last year's natural disasters may now be able to receive help.

Last year, producers struggled with everything from crop losses to land damage.

Now the USDA Farm Service Agency is trying to help those who were impacted not only from the recent drought but also, the excessive heat, high winds and wildfires.

The loan assistance will cover any production and physical losses from January 1st of last year until now.

It was just declared that several counties including Potter, Randall, Carson and Gray are eligible for help but some criteria must first be met.

"Farmers and ranchers are eligible if they have incurred at least a 30-percent production loss through the 2011 crop year or physical losses say due to wildfires or any other drought conditions that may have harmed their farm operations," says Beth Batenhorst, District Director, USDA Farm Service Agency.

Each loan application will be considered according to its own merits, taking into account the extent of production losses, security available and repayment availability.

Applications will be accepted through September 4th.

To start the process, you can contact your local Farm Service Agency.