Update: Truck crashes into bridge in Pampa

PAMPA,Texas----Damage to a bridge in Pampa is still undergoing repairs tonight after an 18-wheeler collided with it late last week.

Trains in Pampa continue to toot their horns and make there way across an overpass on State Highway 70 today despite an accident that resulted in this traffic headache.

All lanes inbound and outbound on Highway 70 near West Rahm Road have been temporarily shut down after a truck scraped the top of a steel beam.

"Engineers with BNSF took a look at the bridge again and discovered there was more extensive damage than they had previously thought," Paul Braun with Tx-DOT said.

If you are traveling through Pampa on your way to Perryton, here's what you'll need to do:

*Exit State Highway 70 and get on FM 282

*Take FM 282 to South Highway 152

*State Highway 152 will take you back to State Highway 70.

Tx-DOT says repairs may take up to two weeks.