Taylor Food Marts Sold

Amarillo, Texas - The struggling Taylor Food Marts is now under new ownership.

Starting very soon, the Taylor Food Mart signs will be coming down and CEFCO convenience store signs will be going up.

CEFCO's parent company, Fikes Wholesale Inc, based out of Temple, Texas, bought all 63 Taylor Food Marts across the area.

This acquisition brings their convenience store total to 257, spread out over seven states. Fikes says they have immediate plans to resupply depleted inventories in all of the stores.

This comes as welcome news to the employees.

That's because several of them, who spoke to us anonymously in fear they'd lose their jobs, said they've been having to spend their own money to buy things like coffee, napkins and straws just to keep the store open.

Several of them also told us the paychecks they received on Friday were not valid and several banks refused to cash them.

We spoke with Happy State Bank, who has ATMs in all Taylor Food Marts, and the CEO told me they will absolutely cash any Taylor's check without a problem.

All of those Happy State ATMS will remain in the stores, despite the change in ownership.