Biking community pushes for safer roads

AMARILLO, Texas - On the heels of a tragic incident, Amarillo's biking community continues to push for safer roads.

46-year-old David Isom and 47-year-old Anna Isom of Amarillo were riding their bikes together Thursday when a car struck them, claiming David's life and leaving Anna hospitalized at Northwest Texas Healthcare, where she remains in critical condition.

Amarillo's Share The Road chapter president, Kenneth Graham, says it is the fourth fatal biking accident in Amarillo to happen in the past four years.

The group is pushing for our local government to recruit a bicycle-pedestrian coordinator to promote more road safety within the community but, ultimately, the organization says the key to preventing this type of situation is making sure drivers, riders, and runners always keep their eyes on the road and are aware of their surroundings.

Friends of David and Anna say they have been cycling for at least ten years. Police say the two were wearing bicycle helmets and the incident is still under investigation.