Update: Fatal accident on I-27 leaves Somali family members heartbroken

AMARILLO, Texas---Members of the Somali community along with community activists' and local law enforcement met Jan. 4 at the Lucky Discount Grocery Store off Amarillo Blvd. to discuss last Friday's fatal accident.

As you may recall, 3 people died and 12 other were injured.

2 were pronounced dead at the scene while another passed away a short time later at the hospital.

Police and DPS Troopers say a van full of workers headed towards a food manufacturing plant in Plainview rolled over at least twice before landing upside down.

Officials say the victims were not wearing seat belts.

Family members of the victims wanted answers and raised concerns as to the safety of the van and the drivers' credentials.

A spokesman for the food packing company said he will look into all concerns revolving around the transportation of their employees.

Community activist's were on hand to translate questions and answers between police and residents.

About 36 members of the community attended the meeting.