New developments in Donley County child murder case

NewsChannel 10

Donley County, Texas - There are new developments in the murder case of a Donley County four-year-old boy. The child's grandmother is now being linked to his death.

Exactly one year ago, Chance Jones died from severe trauma to his head and torso. Today, his grandmother faces a first degree felony of injury to a child by omission.

At a home on County Road W, southeast of Clarendon, four-year-old Chance Jones spent his last conscious moments suffering a horrific beating, allegedly at the hands of his own dad, Robert Babcock.

Babcock sits behind bars in Donley County on capital murder charges.

But now there is someone else also being held responsible for the boy's death, his grandmother, Gayle Eads.

Donley County Sheriff Butch Blackburn says, "I wanted to arrest her ever since about the 14th of last January. But the District Attorney wanted me to gather more facts. We finally gathered enough facts that he let us present it to the Grand Jury."

Eads is accused of failing to get help for the boy, who is believed to have been abused in the weeks leading up to his death.

Sheriff Blackburn explains, "She took a role in the little boy's care, custody, and control to some point and made conscious decisions not to seek medical help for the child prior to his death."

Child Protective Services took the boy away from his mother in November 2010, after finding evidence of abuse and neglect.

Babcock was then given custody of his son, who died just weeks later, a death authorities feel could have been easily prevented.

Sheriff Blackburn says, "If she had spoken up to anybody and said what was going on or said this boy needed help, the little boy would be alive today. She never called for help, never reported anything."

Babcock awaits his trial scheduled for later this month.

We're told Gayle Eads was able to make her $50,000 bond today. She awaits a trial date.