Local vets get another chance to rebuild their lives

AMARILLO, Texas - Never give up and never leave anyone behind, those are the goals of our U.S. servicemen. The Another Chance House believes in providing our local veterans the same kind of service and commitment they have provided our country.

Retired Army sergeant Charles Frenzel is living proof of what it can mean to get another chance. He served in Vietnam and Iraq, where he almost lost his life if it was not for emergency surgery.

"Everyday I try to make the most of another chance and that's why I'm a very strong supporter of another chance for anybody." Frenzel said. "If you give them a chance... just give us a chance... we'll do okay."

The struggles aren't always physical, Bill Fly is a vet who is living in the Another Chance House and says there is much more to it.

"You're used to the chaos of war and everything else that, civilian life, it's hard to function and get your head on right and find that support that you need," Fly said. "Especially with the PTSD, and a lot of us don't have families to come home to.

Right now, there are around 100 homeless veterans living in Amarillo. The Another Chance House not only offers them a home but also help with getting food, jobs and providing rehab services.