Mold allergies making things miserable

Amarillo, TX - Your allergies may be in full swing now that winter has swept mold into the air and into your home.

Some symptoms can be prevented.

When moisture is in the air or you haven't dusted your home, mold begins to appear.

It can start to grow on dead trees and leaves laying on the ground.

When it snows, you really start to feel the symptoms.

Doctors at Allergy Arts in Amarillo tell us mold can affect everyone, even those who never experience allergies.

Some symptoms are itchy, watery eyes, soreness of the throat and nasal congestion.

If not treated quickly, these symptoms tend to get worse.

"you run the risk of getting an infection, be it a sinus infection or an upper respiratory infection. Of course patients that have low immune systems, there immune system is compromised...maybe they have some other illness, they're even at a greater risk. So they should really get on top of the symptoms fast."

Ramos says they have seen an increase in allergy sufferers within the last few weeks.

There are some preventative measures you can take.

If you're staying inside, area doctors say to clean your home with anti-fungal products.

Try to avoid going outside between 4:00 and 8:00 in the evening.