What do Iowa Caucuses mean?

Amarillo, Texas - After months of debates, shaking hands, and signing autographs, it's finally here: The Iowa Caucuses.

Potter County Republican Chairman Tom Roller says, "There's not a ballot. They write down on a blank sheet of paper in each precinct who the person they pick is."

Those sheets of paper are the very first votes cast in the Republican race for the White House, so it's often indicative of which candidate will get the most money from here on out.

Roller says, "People don't want to put their money on someone they don't think can win." Despite the fact a few of them may be forced to drop out because they don't have enough money, Roller says this race is far from finished.

"People say it's over after tonight, and I just don't think that's right. This is definitely not over."  If you need proof, take a look at the history books.

"John McCain didn't win Iowa and he went on to win the nomination. Look back at other candidates and you'll see the same thing happened."

We asked Roller what the caucus results mean for the two Texans in the race: Ron Paul and Rick Perry.

His answer... Nothing. Besides, Romney, they're the two, he says, who will continue no matter what. Paul because he has a devoted fan base.

"They're young, they're determined and they're very active." Perry because he has a fat bank account. "If you have money you can stay to play."

The next Presidential primaries are New Hampshire and South Carolina. Texas doesn't vote until April 3rd.