New homes being targeted in burglaries

Amarillo, TX - Thousands of dollars worth of items are being stolen from new homes in southwest Amarillo.

So far, five or six homes have been broken into within the past three weeks.

All of the homes are brand new and are staged with furniture for selling purposes.

It's the high dollar items that are attracting the burglars.

Typically they've been going in through the back, either breaking a window or door.

The burglaries total nearly six-thousand dollars worth of damages and stolen items.

One homebuilder who was affected says he can't believe what happened.

"It's very discouraging because it's not only us, it's other homebuilders. This is going to make the price for homes go up," says Mike Trammell, N & B Homes.

So far there are no suspects and other potential home burglaries are being investigated.

N & B Homes says the items were large and hope neighbors may have seen someone carrying out the items.

If you have any information you are urged to call Amarillo Crime Stoppers 374-4400.