New Texas laws in effect

Texas - New laws are ringing in the new year.

Businesses in our area are already stepping up to meet the new requirements.

In Texas, 21 laws became effective January 1st.

Some that will not only affect you, but also your child.

"We don't hide anything, we're very up front about it so the customer knows what they're getting into," says Paloma Vargas, store manager, Check-N-Go.

That's the new goal for the Check-N-Go in our area.

Law now requires payday and auto title loan businesses to provide certain disclosures to customers.

"They receive a copy of the contract that they sign, as well as a copy of the interest and fees, as well as any penalty fees they might acquire and the consequences that happen if they do default on the loan," says Paloma Vargas, store manager, Check-N-Go.

This law was designed to help consumers since many aren't aware some businesses have fees which can add up to an annual interest rate of more than 300-percent.

For those parents dropping their children off at daycare, a new law may give you some piece of mind because it was designed to better protect your child.

Child-care providers are now required to have more training depending on the age range of children in care.

Some day cares in our area say they'll add another 25 hours of training.

They must also undergo a tougher background check.

Another law requires smokers enrolled in a state health plan to pay higher insurance premiums.

They will now be paying anywhere from $30 to $90 dollars a month.

The Texas voter ID bill was set to take effect but is currently under review by the Justice Department.

If upheld, the law would require voters to show photo identification before casting a ballot in any local, state or national election.