Texhoma basketball coach goes to jail

Ben Davis Forsythe
Ben Davis Forsythe

Texhoma, Oklahoma - An area teacher and basketball coach is headed to jail for second degree rape.

33-year-old Ben Davis Forsythe spent his first day in jail January 2nd, but despite pleading guilty to two counts of second degree rape, he will only be behind bars for 90 days.

He will also be supervised by the Oklahoma Department of Corrections for the next twenty years. Forsythe had a consensual, sexual relationship with a girl on his basketball team.

Even though she was 18 at the time, it's against the law because of the teacher-student aspect.

Forsythe and the girl were caught kissing by middle schoolers, and then the investigation began.

Shortly after that, he moved to Texhoma and began teaching and coaching there, where's he's been until very recently.

Court records show the girl tried to end the relationship, but Forsythe became upset and made basketball practice really difficult for her.

The girl also told investigators he made sexual advances towards her in the locker room and in his office.

Forsythe, whose been coaching and teaching for nine years, is married and has three children. He will now have to register as a sex offender.