DUI numbers from New Years weekend

Amarillo, TX- Local law enforcement took the "No Refusal Weekend" seriously by making several arrests.

Several area agencies took part in the no refusal weekend, meaning, if you were pulled over for drinking New Years weekend you could not refuse a breathalyzer.

If you did, you had to have a blood test.

Police say because of the publicity of the no refusal weekend they didn't really have to use it.

Eight people were arrested just in the city of Amarillo for driving under the influence, and one person was arrested in Potter County.

Corporal Jerry Neufeld with the Amarillo Police Department says five of those arrested, voluntarily did a breathalyzer test.

Another one of the eight was a minor so a blood or breath test was not given.

"The remaining two, because of previous arrests that they had, had for dui, they were taken to the hospital and a mandatory blood tests was drawn because of the felony offense, it wasn't because of the no refusal weekend as much as it was because it was a felony offense," said Corporal Neufeld.

Those arrested for DUI face up to a half a year behind bars and a two-thousand dollar fine.