2011 Wacky Weather in Review

NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - There's just one word to describe this year's weather and it's extreme.

While 2011 will be most remembered for the historic drought and heat that plagued the region, it will also be remembered as a year of volatility.

In a year with little rain, one place in the panhandle saw perhaps too much rain on July 11th, when a severe storm dumped eleven inches of the wet stuff just south of Silverton.

But after that odd day, precipitation would continue its' pattern of few and far between, that is, until this month. December has proved to be the wettest month all year in Amarillo and is the first month in over a year, we've had above normal precipitation.

The snow on Christmas Day certainly contributed, with more than four inches, it became the second snowiest December 25th in the city.

But when it came to severe summer storms, it was the quietest season that brought just four tornadoes on June 11th.

On the other hand severe winter weather, was a different story. December 19th brought quite a blizzard to portions of eastern New Mexico and the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles, with 15 inches of snow in Boise City.

Last winter brought some of the coldest temperatures we've ever seen. During the arctic outbreak in February, temperatures dipped below zero five days in a row and the second lowest wind chill of -36 was recorded in Boise City. But in that same month, a record low of -6 on February 10th was followed by a record 81 degrees on the 16th.

2011 also saw the highest number of triple digit temperatures, with 50 days above 100 degrees in Amarillo.

This was also the hottest summer, with the most scorching day in Amarillo on June 26th, when the mercury soared to 111 degrees.

Perhaps the most notable weather event of 2011 is the worst drought in Texas history, that has come to affect nearly everything and everyone.

It's been a weird year and only time will tell what's to come in 2012.