Police enforcing DWI "No Refusal" weekend

AMARILLO, Texas - Drunk drivers may no longer be able to resort to the "don't know.. don't blow" method when it comes to breathalyzer tests.

Police are enforcing the "no refusal" policy which means, if a person refuses to take a breathalyzer test, police can administer a search warrant and have them take a blood test, instead.

It is the first time the policy will be enforced in the Texas panhandle. Officials say there are no excuses when it comes to drinking and driving.

"It's just for convenience, if I'm caught drinking and driving this weekend. It mean's I've chosen to do so and I'm endangering other people," Randall County district attorney James Farren said.

If a person fails the test, it could land them behind bars for half a year and pin them with up to a two thousand dollar fine. Officials say with blood tests there is much less gray area, making a conviction easier.