New terminal for Gray County airport

Amarillo, TX - You will soon see some major changes to the Gray County Airport.

The county hopes these changes will attract more travelers.

The Perry Lefors Field will be getting a new terminal after forty years.

It currently serves thirty to forty businesses and people.

The county hopes that number will begin to increase.

The new terminal will be twice the size of the current one, a total of three thousand square feet.

It will have private rooms for pilots who need to rest or stay overnight.

There will also be a conference room, flight planning room, and an office for the base operator.

"Anytime you modernize your facilities, transient people who come through are more likely to come back. If they see a nice facility when they fly in then the people that come to Pampa who want to maybe start new businesses will be convinced that this is a good place to be," says Paul Loyd, Chairman of the Gray County Airport Advisory Board.

Construction will cost over $700,000 provided by the state and the Pampa Economic Development Corporation.

Ground breaking will begin March first and take nearly nine months for completion.

The county says their next goal is to revamp and extend their runways within the next few years.