Convenience stores out of gas across the Panhandle

Amarillo, TX - The gas shortage we first told you about last week is stretching much farther than originally thought.

We originally reported Friday Claude's Taylor Food Mart was out of gas but after calling nearly every food mart in the Panhandle, we learned they are all out of gas, some for more than a month.

Employees at several of the Taylor's across the area say they haven't been receiving gas and are quickly running out of supplies at their stores.

At this point, managers and employees we spoke with on the phone, say they are not being told what is happening.

A few of the employees say they have heard another company is buying them out, because they are going bankrupt.

The bankruptcy office in Amarillo says they have not filed yet.

Taylor Food Mart tells us they are up for sale at this time but have confidentiality agreements with the purchaser and are not able to comment any further.